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Water FAQ

How to deal with a water leak

If you have water leaking from a fixture or fitting in the property, including the boiler, through your ceiling or roof, consider this as an emergency. Before calling for help, follow these steps;

  1. If the water is leaking from a fixture such as a pipe, tap or appliance, locate the stopcock valve in the property and turn it off as quickly as possible. This is usually found in a hallway cupboard, near the front door where the mains pipe comes in, under a sink or they are sometimes located in a cupboard in the communal hallway. If the water is leaking from the property above notify the occupant immediately and ask them to shut off the water stopcock valve. If there is no response from the property, then call your local Council on the number below, who will be able to assist you.
  1. Secondly, try to contain the water to prevent damage to the property. You can use pans, buckets or plastic boxes to catch water that is leaking until it stops.
  1. Call us within office hours or if we are closed, call one of our on call contractors in your location for assistance.

Maintenance Request

If your issue isn’t resolved above, submit a repair request and we’ll arrange for a tradesman to fix the problem.

Emergency Call-out
& Out-of-hours

Find contact details for locally approved tradesmen who can response to 24 hour emergency call-outs