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I’ve got a problem with an appliance

Most modern appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and fridges are ‘hard wired’ into the electrical circuit. This means they are switched on and off at the wall via a switch called a ‘fused spur’. At the switch, there will be a cover with a standard domestic fuse in it. If you find an appliance has switched off, it may mean that the fuse needs replacing. To replace the fuse, simply open the cover and replace the fuse, making sure to fit a new fuse of the same grade and type.

If replacing the fuse does not operate the appliance, let us know at the earliest opportunity on the next working day so we can send an engineer to fix it.

The same applies to small appliances that are fitted with a plug such as kettles and toasters. You must attempt to replace the fuse in the plug before you report it as faulty. Domestic fuses can be bought in most supermarkets and newsagent stores.

How do I change a Main’s Fuse
Electrical Breakdown

If you suffer a total loss of power to the property, firstly check to see if there are any problems in the area. Looking at neighbouring properties and streetlights will indicate if there are problems with the network. If you have access to a phone or internet, calling the power provider or checking their website might indicate a problem in your area.

If you think the loss of power only applies to your property, firstly check the circuit breaker fuse board. All switches should be positioned to ‘on’. If any are positioned to ‘off’, flick the switch to ‘on’ to remedy the fault. If the switch continues to flick back to ‘off’, this indicates a fault in the circuit. You should leave the applicable switch in the ‘off’ position and notify us at the earliest opportunity within the next working day.

If you have an old style fuse board that requires the changing of fuse wire, there is a handy video here to guide you though it;

Maintenance Request

If your issue isn’t resolved above, submit a repair request and we’ll arrange for a tradesman to fix the problem.

Emergency Call-out
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