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Boiler FAQ

How to re-pressurise a Boiler
Central Heating or Boiler Breakdown

If you cannot get the heating to work or you have no hot water, firstly check that the boiler is switched on. The circuit breaker on the fuse board may have tripped so make sure to check this too.

If you have power to the boiler but it is still not working, the pressure may have dropped. This is quite normal, particularly if you haven’t used the heating in a while. Re-pressuring the boiler is simple, and there is a handy video here to guide you through it.

If after re-pressuring the boiler, you still have no heating or hot water, please let us know at the earliest opportunity during the next working day so we can send an engineer to fix it. If you need to re-pressure your boiler more than twice a year, then there may be a fault so let us know.

Maintenance Request

If your issue isn’t resolved above, submit a repair request and we’ll arrange for a tradesman to fix the problem.

Emergency Call-out
& Out-of-hours

Find contact details for locally approved tradesmen who can response to 24 hour emergency call-outs