Let ‘burgh take care of it all for you…

We understand that Landlord’s want a property manager they can trust, and they rely on their property manager to take away the day to day challenges of looking after their property. We also understand that if you are already working with a property manager, the prospect of transferring your property and tenant to another agent can be daunting.

We are here to do it all for you. We already work with clients who have made the switch to ‘burgh because they were keen to improve the service for them and their tenants, so our Agent Transfer Service has really helped to remove the stress and hassle of worrying about their property.

Remember too that you can make the switch whilst you have tenants in-situ, depending on the lease in place, and from our experience, tenants welcome the switch too. If you feel that you’d like a better service, it’s likely your tenants feel the same!

Once you have decided to make the switch, we will take care of everything for you.
You don’t have to lift a finger…  and the service is FREE.

The agent transfer service includes…

Documentation & Keys

Liaise fully with your current agent to obtain all documentation and keys relevant to the property and tenancy

Liaise with Tenants

Liaise with and meet your tenants directly to explain the process and to set the new relationship off on a good footing.

Deposits & Payments

Arrange a smooth transition of security deposits and rent payments between your agent, tenant and us.

Full Inspection

Inspect the property and provide you with a full and detailed report of the current condition along with any maintenance issues to deal with.

Agent Transfer Enquiry

Agent Transfer Enquiry

Agent Transfer Enquiry